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Isabella Laforet's Commercial Voiceover Demo
Isabella's Commercial Voiceover Demo was produced by Trey Murphy of Murphy Media
Isabella Laforet's Demo 2023.mp3
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Isabella's Voiceover Journey
Isabella started out doing radio and voiceovers at local, independent radio stations when she was 13 years old.  She wanted to pursue a voiceover career in New York City in the late 90s, but her funkly accent, which is a combo of New York accent infused with German, Spanish and French notes, was frowned upon in a major market, so she pursued a successful career behind the scenes in Radio and Entertainment instead.


Fast forward to the pandemic. When Clubhouse became popular, she started moderating various entertainment industry related rooms and was noticed by Voiceover Coaches, Agents and Casting Directors, who encouraged her to get back into the voiceover game. She started training with various coaches to get her prepared for a new career in Voiceover! She wanted to make sure she was properly trained and ready before getting back into it. 

With the world of Voiceover getting more inclusive, there is finally a place for her colorful accent and Isabella is ready, determined and motivated to lend her soothing voice to clients and projects! 

Her professional background is also giving her a great advantage in the world of Voiceover, as she understands marketing, client needs, copy, how to interpret copy and relay messages and how to reach the audience. 



Voiceover Coaching & Workshop history

Joe Cipriano - Promo Masterclass (In person Audit and virtual course) 
Tina Morasco 
VO Heaven / Larry Hudson - Audacity Workshop

Voice-Masters - Commercial & Animation Coaching (Paulette Lifton & Mimi Maynard) 
Tom Antonellis - Dialect Coaching

Atlanta Voiceover Studio - Commercial Coaching / Workshops (Brian Bremer) 

“The Man With The Voice” Marcellus “Bassman” Shepard - Commercial Coaching

Mark Sweeney - Commercial Coaching Level 1 & Advanced

Robert “Hollywood” Rhodes – Coaching & Technical Training

Zurek “Rick Party” Pickens – Coaching, Commercial, Promo, Narration, Dialect 



Homestudio capabilities:


Rode NTG3 Shotgun mic

Rode NT1-5th Gen mic

Steinberg UR 22 mk II Interface

Source Connect certified


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Or contact her directly for your Voiceover needs at info@QuietFireEnt.com