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My beautiful friend Isabella Laforet aka Izzy aka iZ... Besides being the beautiful person that she is, she is such a professional talent starting out in the number one R&B adult radio station in the country, WBLS where she was in programming, marketing, promotions. She's also dabbled in TV and print journalism & NOW she is rockin and rollin as a super duper take No nonsense, all business, all professional Road Manager as well as she's worked on Tour Productions, Concert Promotions & Event Productions. She does it all. She's working & has worked with such Superstars as Brandy, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Nicki Minaj, Mary J Blige, The Commodores and the list goes on and on and on till the break of dawn.

Producer & Artist Bowlegged Lou, Full Force)



Isabella Laforet is the founder and CEO of Quiet Fire Entertainment.  Isabella is widely considered one of the most accomplished, versatile and vibrant entertainment executives in the industry. Whether it's as a Tour Manager and/or Artist Consultant or in Tour Production, she has worked recently with the brightest stars in music and entertainment including Nicki Minaj, Mary J Blige, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Brandy, Kenny Lattimore, and even the Commodores, to name a few.   Isabella speaks four languages and has dual citizenship in USA and Germany, which makes her a one in a million asset on the International touring scene.  Prior to being the “Queen of the Road”, Isabella mastered all aspects of radio at the legendary WBLS & WLIB in NYC where she was in Programming, Promotions, Marketing, even one of the highest producing sales execs in the company. With an award winning 20+ year track record in all aspects of radio combined with an unblemished history of facilitating some of the world's most successful entertainers’ lives on the road, Isabella and Quiet Fire are poised to light the world on Fire. Indeed, Isabella's talents have been recognized by some of the industry's all-time greats like the Legendary radio icon Hal Jackson who coined her "Quiet Fire", because of her work ethic and personality. Isabella can do it all and now her company is firing on all cylinders and growing as a market leader in Entertainment. 

(Gary Bernstein, Oceanic Tradewinds) 



"It affords us great pleasure to be able to pen these words as it regards to Isabella Laforet. She is an outstanding professional that executes professionalism on a level far above excellent. It is her personal touch that makes the difference; it really is beyond comparison! Every event, i.e., Steve Harvey’s 2011 and 2012 Hoodie Awards and 2012 Circle of Sisters that we have had the pleasure to work on with her has always been a pleasant experience. It was at the 2012 Circle of Sisters event that we expressed to Isabella the passion that we have for Lupus awareness because I (Zenay) am a sufferer of the disease but also a conqueror as it regards the quest for awareness: Isabella developed a plan and a platform that afforded Tichina the opportunity to speak to thousands as it regarded Lupus awareness. She is professional, accommodating, helpful and seems to make ways-out-of-no-way but most of all she is a blessing to work with, she has an uncanny ability "TO MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR YOU!"

Tichina & Zenay Arnold - The Arnold Girlz



“Isabella is an experienced and extremely professional tour production coordinator who has accompanied The Commodores on many domestic and overseas tours throughout and still does to this day! She is always on point with every facet of the touring business and makes every thing run smooth. In closing, she's "Simply Tha Best" and we love her!!!!!! Thanks Isa, you're irreplaceable!!!”

(J.D. Nicholas Lead vocalist of The Commodores)



"Quiet Fire Entertainment is the epitome of class and professionalism.  Isabella quite simply gets the job done!  Working with her has been one of the best experiences I have ever had working with an entertainment professional."
Michael Walton, Founder Michael Walton Foundation


“Iz!! Mamabear, You know you have held it down for us over the years. When you were on the road with ya boyz … you held it down! You are great at what you do – and we love you with the upmost respect! Not only were you on our working team – YOU ARE FAM FOR LIFE!
To all the people out there in Entertainment – if you ever get the chance to work with iZ - it’s best to take it!
With great respect we love you … Lil G, John John, Jimmy Timzo & Big G"
Multi-Platinum Recording R&B Group Silk



"I find that one of the most important things to have in the music business is "above" and "beyond" people around you. "Good" people will give you "good" results. "Above" and "beyond" will exceed your expectations. Isabella is a born "above and beyonder". She's that person who takes the time to learn who you are as an artist and as an individual (even when the band is 7+ deep) which then allows her to do the job at hand with passion...the type that you can only have when you share the vision and are focused on the mission of the client. Being multi-talented and experienced in so many areas is always going to give her the edge in my book. Combined with a beautiful and warm personality, it's a win-win situation for anyone working with her and her company."
Roger Thomas, Naturally 7


I had such an awesome experience working with Isabella and Quiet Fire Entertainment. I was very impressed with her project management skills, professionalism, attention to detail and her kind, genuine spirit is refreshing. Not only did she identify and secure major media opportunities for my company, she went above and beyond to ensure my needs were met. I look forward to working with her again in the future and would recommend her company highly.”Lauren Lake, Judge of "Paternity Court" / Lauren Lake Enterprises


"Isabella Laforet is a born leader, whose experience in radio and event management has been an incredible benefit to me and my brand. Her passion is obvious and her follow thru impeccable. She is an integral professional and woman of her word, who takes care of business. She allows me to be the priority and always perform at my best. Isabella will be an asset to any artist or company that she works with."
Kenny Lattimore, R&B Singer


"For the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Isabella Laforet on The Ford Hoodie Awards and I’ve never been disappointed by the intangibles she brings to the table. It has been my experience that anything and everything will happen during the course of most any production. When you are met with that reality the last thing you want to do is throw money at your problem. Do yourself a favor and develop a relationship with Quiet Fire Entertainment. They truly represent everything you need to ensure your next endeavor is a successful one. Success in this world is determined by the talent you surround yourself with during pre-production and the talent here is top notch. I trust in this brand and you should as well."

David Camacho, Director of Operations, Nu-Opp, Inc. - [Steve Harvey's Hoodie Awards/ Neighborhood Awards]



“Working with Isabella this year exceeded all expectations.  After 18 years of producing music events, she definitely made my life easier.  Her professionalism shines as she pays close attention to detail and meets the challenges before they arrive. Isabella is passionate, bright, great instincts and very efficient! It was a pleasure working with her and I look forward to doing it again soon.  If you have an opportunity to bring Isabella on board do it! “

(Betty Bennish, Founder of BBJazz)



“During my time as a road mgr. and an executive protection consultant Isabella was a person i could always count on to complete whatever assignment given, Fluent in several languages, she is a excellent woman to add to your team.”

Tim Melchor/Comfort Touring



“During the winter of 1996 Outkast, Goodie Mob and I had the good fortune to have Isabella Laforet as our road manager during The Camel Cigarette sponsored tour of Germany. Specifically, Isabella served as liaison between the German tour manager and me. Isabella possesses such an assortment of skills and virtues worthy of praise it would take far too long to list, however here are some of her finer points: Isabella is a professional’s professional, punctual and energetic, always ready to take on the days business with eagerness. Her diplomatic charm and grace coupled with her intellectual prowess makes her a formidable and valued ally. Yet she is intuitive and sensitive to her client’s feelings and thoughts which affords her keen perception and capability in handling delicate matters. She is detail and task oriented without losing sight of the big picture. But most admirable and refreshing is Isabella’s dedication, resourcefulness, and honesty. Even during the most difficult moments on the tour Isabella never surrender her positive disposition, calm and clear sense of purpose while others were lost and losing their heads. It was due to her outstanding demonstration of leadership, multilingual skill set and multicultural sensibilities that transformed a most challenging tour into a successful and pleasant experience for all involved. So valued was Isabella’s insight of German, American and Hip Hop culture that Tim Melchor (Goodie Mob’s T.M.) and I began consulting with her before we made any decision regarding our respective artists. So it is with special distinction and great joy that I author this recommendation for Isabella Laforet, because of her professional acuity she was an ideal host and a superb road manager. Isabella, not only met our requirements, but exceeded all of our expectations. For her noble and extraordinary service Isabella Laforet has my deepest gratitude, highest esteem, support and endorsement for any endeavor she undertakes.”

 Anthony Middleton/Middleton Consulting   


“I was lucky enough to have Isabella assigned to handle my account at WBLS (after several requests to work with her). Her impressive knowledge of the urban entertainment market, both the consumer and the talent, had me utilizing her as a sounding board for national projects during the development stage. As my sales rep she always made herself available to me, but beyond that I felt like my business was a priority.”

Sarah Cornelius/North American Entertainment


“Isabella is someone you want on your team. She has a full understanding of your needs & requirements . Isabella goes above and beyond to deliver outstanding results. She is determined and you feel like she is partnering with you for a desired outcome. She has great integrity. A joy to work with....”

Kimberley Thomas/Fitingo Music



“Ms. Laforet is one of the few radio sales executives with a true understanding both sales, marketing/promotions and programming. She is able to bring the pieces together creating value for both client and on-air product. You'll find few in our business more professional or passionate. Most of all she takes a true interest in the people she works with in addition to her clients putting her head and shoulders above most! A true asset to our business and wonderful human being!”

Skip Dillard, Program Director / WBLS & WLIB



“Isabella is a highly professional leader. She managed the MetroPCS business for the NY Market during her tenure as an Account Manager for ICBC Broadcasting. She was extremely detail oriented and provided the level of attention to detail and project management savvy for the media portion of our work and on-sight for the stations key event, Circle of Sisters. Isabella worked through some tough relational issues throughout the time we worked together in 2011 and turned the business around with WBLS radio (ICBC) and MetroPCS. She did an amazing job at the event, planning radio support (on air and on sight) , ensuring value for every initiative all leading to a considerable media buy for the station based on our recommendation on the value of urban radio for our customer base. I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Ana Calderon Eugene/Metro PCS



“Isabella's enthusiasm, dedication, energy, personality and broadcast knowledge would be great assets to any company. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Wayne Olsen/J&R Music


“I worked with Isabella for nearly 7 years. Isabella shined as a member of our Sales Team. She is always professional. She is focused and organized. Isabella is creative and thinks "outside the box". She is passionate about music . Her attention to detail is amazing and she is extremely dedicated. I know several of her clients and they all praise her for her service to them. Isabella taught me alot and I will miss her very much, but I know that she will continue to grow and be an asset to the next team she joins.”

Randa Guastella/92.3 Fresh



“Working with Isabella is more like spending time with a friend. Always gracious and trying her best to get us the best bang for the buck!”

Jeffrey Danowitz/Baruch College



“It is my pleasure to provide this recommendation for Isabella Laforet. Her direction and leadership skills with respect to helping to drive my company toward achieving its goals and objectives has been invaluable. Her business savvy and insights made her a critical member of our team and her ideas added value to our long range planning and objectives. I appreciate Isabella's common sense approach to making suggestions to improve our business and her dedication to doing the best job possible for her clients. She is truly an individual of the highest caliber.”

Cathy Howse/UBH Publications



“I have worked with Isabella during the past few years while I was consulting ICBC. Isabella is a true professional who works closely with her clients to create fully integrated programs based on their needs. She is detail oriented, tenacious, and hard working. There were many nights I was leaving the office at 7 and she was still working. I recommend her highly for a marketing or sales position based on my work with her.”

Susan Novicki/Morrison & Abraham



“I've known Isabella for a long time...it is VERY rare that you find someone with the combination of client empathy, passion and sales expertise that she has...and just as important, she is always looking for ways to grow her skill sets!”

Mark Levy/Revenue Development Resources Inc


“I had the pleasure of working with Isabella during my tenure at Inner CIty Broadcasting. I can think of nobody else who embodies the best of customer service and new business development. There was never a goal she didn't exceed or a hurdle placed in front of her that she didn't find a way to overcome. Her determination and passion make Isabella invaluable to any sales team.”

Leon Van Gelder/Pandora



“I'm pleased to write a recommendation for Isabella. She showed excellence in understanding our client's needs and exceeding their goals. Every recommendation she made was right on target with our client's objectives. Isabella has excellent skills in listening and delivering the right solution.”

Stephen Jackson/RDz Media



“Isabella is one of the most hardworking, detailed oriented, organized, creative and client focused salesperson I have ever worked with. Isabella, will always go that extra mile for both her team and her clients. It was a priveledge to work with Isabella the past six years and to watch her grow into one of the best sales people and marketers that I know. If you are looking for someone to be a self motivator, idea starter and a team leader...look no further than Isabella Laforet!”

Jennifer LaMontagne/WBLS & WLIB


“I had the privilege of working with Isabella when she was an account executive at WBLS and WLIB radio. I found her to be knowledgeable, and passionate about all aspects of the industry. She is thorough, organized, and dependable. Isabella built strong relationships with her clients, who counted on her expertise to help them grow their businesses. She also impressed me with her desire learn and grow. I am confident that she will be a great asset to anyone's team.”

 Doug James/WBLS & WLIB



“Working with Isabella was a great benefit to me. Her responsiveness and resourcefulness is unparalleled. She is also very detail oriented and results-driven. Although I did not report to Isabella directly, the times when I had the pleaseure of assisting her, she made it very easy to work with. I would jump at the chance to work with Isabella again in the future”

 Alexis Day/WBLS & WLIB



“It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for my colleague Isabella Laforet. As an employee for ICBC Broadcast Holding over the past 12 years, I’ve had various opportunities to interact with Isabella. During the past 16 months as a member of the sales team, I was afforded the opportunity to witness first hand Isabella’s incredible talent and tremendous value to the company. Isabella is a phenomenal talent. Her hard work, dedication, professionalism and loyalty are only surpassed by her quest for knowledge. Not only do I think she’s a great team player, I also strongly believe she would be a great team leader. Her commitment to excellence enables her to get the job done. Isabella is a closer! Isabella has demonstrated her capacity to be a team player by often assisting fellow account reps and managers. From the rookies to the senior account reps, Isabella has worked with them all. Isabella is a winner with a great attitude. She cares! Isabella is a person of integrity. As a former VP and General Manager, I feel that Isabella is the kind of person that you not only want to be on your team, but to lead your team!"

Christopher Squire/WBLS & WLIB



“Having dealt with many account executives as marketing manager for JR, Isabella stands out as one of the best in the business. Her creativity, professionalism and attention to detail are exemplary. She's the standard that all radio salespeople should strive to be. Any company employing Isabella will be rewarded ten-fold from the hire.”

Bob Huber/J&R Music